We are a law firm focused on providing consulting services and legal advice in public and private law, generating effective access to the administration of justice and legal security against the defense of human rights.

¡Our Main Premise is Legal Security!

We are a law firm legally constituted in Bogotá DC, Identified with NIT 901.215.253-9, with registration No 02377443 subscribed in Book XI, its main objective is to provide advisory and consulting services in public and private law to individuals and legal entities In colombia. We have highly qualified and trained professional staff for the fulfillment of the mission. 

Department of Labor Law and Social Security, It is made up of specialized professionals, who guarantee the internal labor regulatory framework and the International Treaties signed by the Colombian State.

civil law, The department of civil law, work under the prerogative and supremacy of interpersonal relationships in connection with their heritage and interest, this work is done with efficiency, discipline and in accordance with each factual and legal situation for each case in particular. On the other hand, we are experts in horizontal property.

Family Law, Our select group of attorneys assume representation and judicial advice to our clients on issues related to Marriage, Divorce, Affiliation, Adoption, Marital Unions of Fact, Guardianship, Curation, Civil Status, Fixation of Food, Settlement of Marital and Estate Partnerships.

Criminal Law, This department advises and represents our clients before any criminal offense, disciplinary offense or sanction, under the constitutional and legal principles, these services extend to Military Criminal Law.

Administrative Department, We represent our clients in contentious actions (means of control of legality) and direct reparations, before contentious, ordinary and Constitutional jurisdictions.

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